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8 Reasons to Invest in a Cross-Platform Mobile Application

Emerging technologies have drastically altered our livelihood, and mobility plays a crucial role in transforming the digital landscape. This is the reason why several organisations are hugely investing in mobile app development as a means to thrive and sustain in this ever-changing environment.

Over the past few years, mobile app development is seeing massive growth with new platforms and apps launched from time to time and existing applications receiving updates regularly. Therefore, to succeed in this highly competitive environment, it is important to go for Cross-Platform app development to produce better Return-On-Investment and for a shorter time to market.

With Flutter, React Native and Xamarin being the foremost of Cross-Platform development frameworks, these technologies could work wonders in developing a business and saving a hole in your pocket. And for developers, this has effectively ended the Android vs IOS debate.

With that being the scenario, here are the 8 reasons why you should invest in a cross-platform mobile application for your business growth:

1. Rapid app development with a reduced cost:

As Cross-Platform mobile apps share a single code-base, the time and cost it takes to develop an app for both Android and IOS is dramatically reduced.

2. Easier Manageability:

Rather than assigning a team of Android and IOS experts separately, brands can deploy a smaller team of developers efficient in the Cross-Platform development framework.

3. Cross-Platforms are more compatible with other systems and software:

Connecting to the Cloud and other web-based applications are easier and cheaper with Cross-Platform applications like Flutter and React Native.

4. Greater audience reach:

Choosing a cross-platform helps in reaching a greater target audience and scale your business as the distribution of Android and IOS users are varied.

5. Reusable code:

The codes of existing Android and IOS apps can be easily translated into a cross-platform framework as the native counterpart would require a complete rewrite.

6. Uniform app experience:

Irrespective of different kinds of platform users are active on, businesses can offer similar app experience when using the Cross-Platform development framework.

7. Easier implementation:

When working with tools like Flutter and React Native, codes can be easily written in HTML5 and converted to different platforms. Not only does this make the development of apps quicker, but it also becomes easier to sync updates across all mobile devices.

8. Simple access to plug-ins:

Cross-Platform mobile application development provides easy access to the plug-ins which developers can use to develop the apps with ease. And this streamlines the entire process.

Digiryte, being one of the first companies to embrace Flutter, we have the right technology and innovation to make your idea a grand success at all stages of growth.