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5 digital transformation challenges enterprises should overcome 2020

A company that undergoes a digital transformation earns an increase in- market share, customer revenue, employee morale and customer engagement. The biggest hurdle an organisation faces is to overcome the potential digital transformation challenges for improving businesses.

Take a closer look at the digital transformation challenges.

  1. Employee Push-back
  2. Lack of Expertise to Lead Digitisation Initiatives.
  3. Low Budget
  4. Organisational Structure Gets in The Way.
  5. No Overarching Strategy for Digitisation.

More than 90% of the companies today undergo digital transformation, but have a lot more to do. The challenge is similar for every enterprise. Regardless of the company size, the challenges are seldom.

How to Overcome your Digital Transformation Challenges?

#1: Handle your employee push-back.

We humans never want our routines to change and dislike uncertainty. To experience Digital Transformation is one of the highest levels of discomfort sometimes which is why employees consider it quite threatening. You should keep a note to it. However, change is universal and we need to keep up with it because not accepting change is way more risky.

It’s hard to completely erase uncertainty and doubts that your employees could have but you can easily alleviate them. Being transparent plays a big role here. Employees must be informed and aware about the Digital Transformation process. Show them the future they can work towards it. Help them to understand what is at stake, lighting a fire in them. Of course you need an excellent strategy to compel them.

#2: Develop a strategy.

Only a few organisations have a corporate strategy for their digital transformation. 

Well, here’s the deal- You got to have a strategy. You need to set goals and visions, giving your entire team a purpose as this transformation journey isn’t meant for an individual or a department. The whole organisation must work towards their common goal.

#3: Find expertise that would lead to initiating digitisation.

Talent and technology go hand in hand for digital transformation. You can’t rely only on one of them. If your current system holds you back, it’s high time to examine your technology partnerships and what they could offer. Get the right people on board, train your staff and enable them to build their skills. In case you don’t have internal expertise, find partners or hire new people to help you on your journey.

#4: Don’t allow your organisational structure to dictate your digital future.

Change of roles, departments plays a significant role for digitisation. Your workforce must undergo changes allowing your teams to have a new change in their existing roles.

#5: Manage your budget.

It’s quite common to face budget constraints during this journey. Preparing for it mentally is the key here. Investing in your company, people and customers is not the race. When you’re building your strategy, you need to have a reality check on your budget to figure out how much your company can handle. Never put your company at budget risks. Create a plan involving several phases for years if required.

These are some of the challenges faced by enterprises today. Building a strong foundation drives a wide set of outcomes for your organisation, employees and customers. With the right mindset for continuous improvement, digital transformation is within your reach. Make sure to handle the challenges when they come and to be mentally prepared in advance to face them in the best way.