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Research and Innovation

Maayan R&I encouraging industry transformation through its agile, technological philosophy of innovation

Technology is the DNA of Maayan Tech and Innovation is our soul. Innovation is not an activity but an attitude – a way of working that is embraced throughout our entire organization.
To orchestrate that spirit of innovation, we invest heavily in our network of Innovation Labs. Labs provides not just a physical space but the tools, resources, and oversight for testing emerging technologies and development of new solutions. Labs also manages the overall innovation funnel that transforms big ideas within the company to client-ready solutions.

Building an Organisational Culture of Innovation

In a Tech 5.0 age, get a snapshot into how maayan promotes culture into creativity across a broad global network. It encourages large scale participation, promotes internal collaboration by crowdsourcing winning ideas and innovative solutions to solve customer problems. Maayan encourages everyone to innovate by creating awards and competitions within the organization.

Maayan Innovation Lab (MIL)

The Maayan Innovation Lab is focused on co-innovation with clients and on managing the innovation process for them to leverage next gen technologies to power up new ideas in a safe and risk free environment, and take the best to their end clients.

Innovation Fund

In 2020, we launched the Maayan Innovation Fund to invest in entrepreneurial ventures around the world.

Our investment philosophy is geared toward supporting innovation and purposeful solutions that are relevant to the strategic priorities of our clients. This differentiates our Maayan Innovation Fund from most other venture capital institutions, in that we have a strong motivation to create long term value for the end users of the technology and to the companies building these solutions.

Research Area

AI and Deep Learning

A deep dive into artificial intelligence.

Embedded Systems and Robotics

Embedding intelligence into robotics.

Data and Decision Sciences

Decoding the world of big data.

Behavioral, Business, and Social Sciences

Understanding and analyzing human behavior

Media and Advertising

Exploring the composition of entertainment media to create effective advertising at scale

Cybersecurity and Privacy

Designing armor for enterprise systems.

Physical Sciences

Reimagining the material world

Software Systems and Services

Designing automated solutions for enterprise systems

Agile Innovative Experiments and Process of MIL

Industry Solutions: MIL has experience and expertise across industries – food services,insurance, supply chain, education, banking, financial services, legal, healthcare, life sciences, e-commerce and can develop solutions from ideas in these industries through our experts in the areas.

IoT: Our business ideas increasingly involve talking to devices to create transformative digital experiences. Labs facilitates that.

Enterprise Architecture: The ideas need to be designed for scale, our enterprise architecture enables just that, keeping in mind key aspects of speed to market and agility.

Big Data and Analytics: Leverages Big Data and Analytics to create substantial opportunities in product development aligned with customer demands, forecasting their profitability and production.

Automation and Human Computer Interface (HCI): All design and automation is eventually for human comfort and we see it as vital for our thinking to adaptive solutions, automation and cognitive computing, towards intelligent digital transformation.

Prototyping Workshop: Rapid prototyping is enabled through our prototyping abilities and facilities.

Agile Team and Collaboration Enabled: MIL consists of agile teams that work collaboratively with each other and the clients, and are enabled by systems for the same.

Leverage partner strengths: Best of breed technologies that are needed can be onboarded.


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Attracting and developing the best talent is always an important area of focus for Maayan Tech, as we believe that our people are not only our greatest asset but also our biggest competitive advantage.